Crystal Cleansing

When you purchase a crystal from Crystal Reflex it has been cleansed with Reiki by myself set with good intention to ensure it arrives with you full of positive energy but its important for you to continue to cleanse your crystal as this allows the crystal to return to its original energy clearing any negative energies which have become attached to it, if you are just enjoying your crystal in the home to look beautiful then it can be cleansed a couple of times a year however if you are using your crystal for a purpose regular cleansing is advised maybe one a month or more often if you feel necessary, simply work on the basis the more you use your crystal the more you need to cleanse it!

Here are some of the ways to cleanse your Crystals

* Some crystals can simply be held under running water or immersed in salt water with the intent that negative energy is being washed away but avoid the use of water on raw cluster crystals and geodes, also certain crystals such as selanite dissolve in water so check before you begin.

* Placing your Crystals in moonlight this is a good one to do monthly on a full moon. This can be done either in the garden or simply left on the windowsill, just remember to move them out of direct sunlight in the morning.

* Smudging with sage, simply light the smudge stick and blow it out then pass the crystal through the smoke created, be sure to put the smudge stick out properly by either running it under the tap or immersing it in sand.

* Certain crystals have the ability to cleanse others such as clear quartz and carnelian but remember they will then need cleansing, this method is useful for delicate stones.